Welcome to North West Classic Falcons, Inc.

Established in 1981 as a mail order parts business dealing with 1960 to 1970 Ford Falcon and 1960 to 1967 Mercury Comet enthusiasts. We closed our storefront operation in December 2007. The idea was to retire. What we actually did was down size and semi-retire.

Consequently, we still have some of our new catalog inventory and a supply of good used sheet metal parts such as fenders, doors, hoods, decklids, a few quarter panels and some rear view glass etc. We tried to keep some of those critical good used pieces that were not available as new or reproduction.  Couple transmissions still but, no frame, radiator supports, floor or trunk pans remain.

We will add more to the following pages  where you’ll find descriptions of some of what we have along with photos in some cases. If you find something you need, please use our contact page.

Like to be your own boss and enjoy working? Expand an existing vintage parts enterprise? This corporation is for sale, 32 years mail, web & international sales. This web site, registered domain name, phone number, 15 years using Mac’s & Helix Express database, all vendors, customer records. Can include Mac computers and remaining inventory of reproduction stock and/or used inventory. Serious interested parties wanting a well established, specialized internet business that has recognition and a long standing excellent reputation worldwide, contact Ron or Jean. Price is open for discussion and reasonably low as we are retired and ready.

We have a very rare NOS Ford Dealership Falcon outdoor sign still in the shipping crate for sale now. It is vintage 1960/61 double sided outside pole mounted and lighted with florescent lighting. Over 4 feet wide and 3 feet high and over 12 inches thick. Also a have Neon sign.

If we CAN help supply a part or parts I return calls and emails. I do not reply to phone calls that I cannot understand or are not clear, email is the best method to contact me. I suggest you only contact me if you have no source for what you need and not to compare prices as I am retired and will not be helpful in that way. When you email please include your full name and city you are located in.

If you wish to hire my services as a consultant I am available for this, email for details.

No free advice, other than use your time and energy to research or be happy to pay for mine.


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