Contact Northwest Classic Falcons

503-241-9454 You can call with a detailed list of parts needed and please
be very specific as to year, model, engine, body type.

Email  is a better method as you can send a list of your specific needs and send a photo with a smart phone to help us assist if we can.

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Back in December 2007 at the time we closed our storefront and warehouse we made a big mistake.  We trusted a local Vancouver, WA man who hauled 28 years of our good used parts collection away with the agreement that he would sell them and split revenues 50/50. This did not happened. The next fall he called and  said he has sold everything. He never said to whom or for how much. Then we got a check for $2500 in the mail for $200,000 worth of parts. If anyone has information that can help find what has happened to this huge collection of our parts please contact us. He travels to NW & local swap meets and sells online so be aware of what you might be purchasing. He took transmissions, grills, trim, wiring and anything that could easily be hauled in a PU or his motorhome, even his fathers mini van. He hauled parts for 3 solid weeks from 6000 sq ft warehouse. We have photos of most everything he removed on file. What goes around comes around, Karma, do unto……….., just basic stuff folks.

Funny  fact is: In 28 years we had one bad check, then at the end  we had one really bad apple to  spoil the whole barrel. We have people watching him and taking photos, he will see his day if not on earth………… Amen

We are now semi retired selling our inventory of remaining used, new and reproduction parts. We still have some catalog new inventory, so ask about it by part number from our old catalogs or describe what you need. We have a large collection of vintage Falcon and FoMoCo 60’s related  memorabilia of all kinds. Models, literature, post cards, dealer posters, signs and more. Watch for new pages on those rarities.

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