Welcome to North West Classic Falcons, Inc.

Full time business was EST. 1981 in our home. The Storefront opened 1983 closed December 2007. Ending at home again selling limited used parts until all gone or sell NWCF . NWCF business is for sale in part or whole as we are retiring after 31 years.

nwfalcon parts on Ebay or Facebook page

Like to be your own boss and enjoy working? Expand an existing vintage parts enterprise? This corporation is for sale, 32 years mail, web & international sales. This web site, registered domain name, phone number, 15 years using Mac's & Helix Express database, all vendors, customer records. Can include Mac computers and remaining inventory of reproduction stock and/or used inventory. Serious interested parties wanting a well established, specialized internet business that has recognition and a long standing excellent reputation worldwide, contact Ron or Jean. Email them here only for business sale. Price is open for discussion and reasonablely low as we are retired and ready.


Click the above buttons with N.O.S or Used Parts when you visit. I am planning to add rare items.

We have a very rare Dealer Falcon sign still in the shipping crate for sale now. It is vintage 1960/61 double sided outside pole mounted and lighted with flourecent lighting.


On May 15th 2010 our storage yard was closed. All 50 vehicles, saved frame rails, radiator supports, hoods, fenders and all but the best used have become scrap. We decided to retire, we had to do this. 2 years paying storage and selling parts was not retired. We did move several truck loads of the best parts to a warehouse that had contained the NOS before it was sold. Used will be sold with the business when we sell the company and web site if buyer wants it. Meanwhile I will sell parts as I get requests for them. Still have some nice fenders, hoods, deck lids, doors and lots more. Email and if I have parts will reply with price and availability, do include your full name and location please. I need parts I have 66/67 Cyclone fiberglass hood that is factory part.


Jeannie drives Ford Falcon wagonWe specialized in 1960 to 1970 Ford Falcons, 1960 to 1966 Rancheros, and 1960 to 1967 Mercury Comets.

A subspecialty was Ford Econolines 1961 to 1967. We drove a 1961 Econoline deluxe PU for 25 years until it found a new caretaker. We still have lots of good parts both new and used for this series of Ford truck.email Chance with a question about a part


We sold our NOS inventory in 2009. We moved the best of the used parts after closing the storage yard to the empty NOS warehouse near home in 2010 . We plan to inventory the used parts and photograph it, I have posted a link here and will be on some other web sites selling older car parts when I find time. This link here shows warehouse and some of our NWCF_Inventory.and nwfalcon parts on Ebay



All phone calls go directly to voice mail, it then goes to my email. If we CAN help supply a part or parts I return calls and emails. I do not reply to phone calls that I cannot understand or are not clear, email is the best method to contact me. I suggest you only contact me if you have no source for what you need and not to compare prices as I am retired and will not be helpful in that way. When you email please include your full name and city you are located in.


If you wish to hire my services as a consultant I am available for this, email for details. Ron

No free advice, other than use your time and energy to research or be happy to pay for mine.

Here is a great site for finding a car and more that we like Old Ride